Chargeback Policy

We all understand that mistakes happen.

However, it's important to remember that overlooking or not recognizing charges from “XXXXXXX” on your credit card statement isn't trivial. If there's any confusion, it's crucial to contact us directly to clarify or rectify the situation.

It's also true that not everyone is satisfied with our service, and that's perfectly fine. Dissatisfaction, though, doesn't justify avoiding payment. Our refund policy is in place to address such issues, and we encourage you to use it rather than resorting to disputing the charges with your bank.

Engaging in behaviors like using our service and then denying it when it's time to pay is unethical and illegal.

CHARGEBACKS: We would like to remind you that using our services makes a legal obligation to compensate us for those services. If we don't do it, we're going to have to involve a third party. Not paying for services received is considered credit card fraud, leading to serious personal, legal, and financial ramifications.

In instances of non-payment, our initial step is to contact the customer to address the issue while maintaining their privacy. If we can't resolve the matter because of lack of communication, we must provide all relevant documentation, including phone records and IP addresses, to the Bank. After that, a Collection Attorney will be engaged to recover any owed amounts.

In addition, we will file a fraud case with the appropriate authorities. We take this measure reluctantly, but we would like to make sure payment for services rendered is necessary.

Just to let you know, this will result in additional costs for you, including attorney fees and other legal expenses.

To avoid these unpleasant outcomes, we ask that you contact us directly if you are dissatisfied with our services. We're more than willing to discuss refund options or alternative payment arrangements. It's in everyone's best interest to resolve these matters amicably and legally.